Advanced Training

ICIQ has a strong commitment to offer training programmes for undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral researchers. We prepare a new generation of researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most important challenges in chemical research. We are convinced that an integral education beyond chemistry is crucial to achieve outstanding research results and fruitful life achievements.

Training Programmes

The ICIQ Graduate Student Programme ICIQ’s PhD student programme is at the core of our commitment to education. We foster graduate students in their path to think, design and execute a research project under the supervision and mentoring of an ICIQ Group Leader. The programme targets highly qualified and talented graduate students with an enthusiastic interest in chemical research and has been successful in attracting students from all over the world.

In 2021 we launched three calls of our PhD Fellowship Programme. A total of 17 graduate students joined ICIQ through ICIQ’s fellowship programme.

We also incorporated PhD students through other funding calls: 3 FI (AGAUR); 2 FPU (MUNI); 8 FPI (MCIN/AEI).

PhD theses defended in 2021

During 2021, 27 doctoral theses were developed at ICIQ and directed by Group Leaders of the Institute.

Most of them were defended in virtual format due to the restrictions imposed by the health situation.

Thesis titleSupervisors
Nataliia VereshchukRational design of the molecular Ru-based Water Oxidation CatalystsProf. Antoni Llobet
Raúl Martin Functionalization of Strong Sigma Bonds by Nickel and Tungsten CatalysisProf. Rubén Martín
21.01 Joan Guillem MayansFrom Gold-Catalyzed Asymmetric or Photoredox-Assisted Cyclizations to Rhodium-Catalyzed C-H alkynylationsProf. Antonio Echavarren
28.01 Paulina Pršlja Theoretical Studies of Single-Site Catalysts for Efficient Electrochemical CO2 ReductionProf. Núria López
Ricardo Molina Calix[4]pyrrole Based Receptors for the Recognition of Ion Pairs Prof. Pau Ballester
25.03 Otilia Stoica Synthesis of Large Hydroacenes and Related Compounds Using Gold(I) CatalysisProf. Antonio Echavarren
Marta Ventosa Hybrid Systems for Water Oxidation CatalysisProf. Antoni Llobet & Dr. Carolina Gimbert
Ester Iniesta
Supramolecular Catalytic Systems: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in CatalysisProf. Anton Vidal
22.04Nuria LlorenteTransition Metal-Catalyzed Cycloaddition Reactions for the Formation of Eight- and Six-Membered RingsProf. Anton Vidal
09.07Elena DettaTarget-based Design, Structural Optimization and Characterization of Novel Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly ModulatorsProf. Pericàs and Dr. Helmut Buschmann
15.07 Justine RaymondApplications of Flow Chemistry Methods and Computer-Aided Approaches to Expedite the Development of HBV InhibitorsProf. Pericàs and Dr. Helmut Buschmann
Mauro Mato Streamlining the Access to Metal Carbenes through Aromative DecarbenationsProf. Antonio Echavarren
23.07Qingqing Sun Aryl and Super Aryl-Extended Calix[4]pyrroles: Synthesis and ApplicationsProf. Pau Ballester
Eugenio Gandolfo Light-driven Metal-catalyzed Asymmetric TransformationsProf. Paolo Melchiorre
04.10Ece AktasLow-Molecular Weight Molecules as Selective Contacts for Perovskite Solar CellsProf. Emilio Palomares
08.10 Ulysse Caniparoli Ferrocene-Based Chiral Catalyst Design for Enantioselective Cycloadditions ReactionsProf. Antoni Echavarren
08.10 Àlex CristòfolStereoselective Transformations of Vinyl Cyclic Carbonates and Applications in Natural Product SynthesisProf. Arjan. W. Kleij
11.10Cristina Maquilón
New and Functional Cyclic Carbonates for Polymer ApplicationsProf. Arjan. W. Kleij
13.10Eduardo de Pedro
New Organic Catalysts for the Photochemical Generation of RadicalsProf. Paolo Melchiorre
14.10 Helena Armengol i RelatsGold(I)-Catalyzed Cycloadditions and their Application in the Synthesis of Natural ProductsProf. Antoni Echavarren
19.11 Bruna SánchezBeyond Conventional DFT Catalysis: Mechanochemistry and Solid ReductantsProf. Feliu Maseras
10.12Sijing XueDual Transition Metal/Photoredox Catalysis for the Synthesis of Quaternary Carbon StereocentersProf. Arjan. W. Kleij
16.12 Quentin BouvierEncapsulation of Reactive Components for Polyurethane SystemsProf. Pau Ballester & Dr. Stefanie Eiden
20.12 Èric CotsUnderstanding Iodine (I/III) Catalysis: From Racemic to Enantioselective TransformationsProf. Kilian Muñiz & Prof. Marcos Garcia Suero
20.12 David NietoAdvances in Spin Crossover: Synthesis, Mechanosynthesis and Switchable Multifunctional HybridsProf. José-Ramón Galán-Mascarós
20.12 Kun GuoCopper and Nickel Promoted Transformations of Alkyne based Cyclic CarbonatesProf. Arjan. W. Kleij

Postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral researchers at ICIQ have an outstanding opportunity to develop their research careers in a collaborative and international environment. We believe in empowering postdoctoral researchers and strengthening their leadership skills.

In 2021 we succeeded in obtaining:

Master programmes

We participated in two Master programmes. The URV/ICIQ Master in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design provides scientific training in the design of new methods of synthesis, development of catalysts, computational design and management of environmentally friendly chemical processes. The Master also focuses on providing the skills needed to address research and development tasks and innovative activities in the industry. Three ICIQ Master students were awarded one of the institute’s master projects fellowships. Three students enrolled in this master thanks to the ICIQ master research projects grants.

We also participated in the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (BIST-UPF), which provides in-depth hands-on research training in multiple fields. Students undertake a 6-month major project and a 10-week minor project in two different research disciplines in different BIST centers. 

ICIQ Summer Internship Programme, which is sponsored by Fundació Bancària La Caixa, brings together outstanding undergraduate students who make the most of their Summer holidays by working in one of ICIQ’s research groups during the months of July, August, and September. In 2021, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel this programme. Instead, we had nine undergraduate students who did short internships in different research groups throughout the year.

Transferable Skills Courses

ICIQ works to offer complementary training adapted to the needs of our researchers. Apart from the recognized seminar programs, ICIQ promotes courses that address important skills to take advantage of in the development of a research career.

BIST Career Week 2021
PhD Students/PostdocsThe event is designed to fulfil BIST community needs, but open to any sort of audience. Workshops include:  Future steps and career choices, LinkedIn & Twitter for researchers, Boost employability? CV academic-non academic, How to face a job interview? Alicia Jarillo, Getting familiarized with the ERC Starting Grant call and how to prepare a competitive proposal.BIST
How to succeed in your PhD IIPhD Students 1st yearDesigned for first year doctoral researcher and will look at practical ways to increase their effectiveness and meet the challenges of your PhD.BIST
How to write a CV and a motivational letterPhD Students/PostdocsJob search platforms,
Social media in your job search
CV preparation, types, format and information
Motivational letter content and tips
Alicia Monleón (from ICIQ Human Resources)
Leadership in Action 2021
PostdocsFocus on developing skills for successful self-management and development to progress in your professional careerBIST
Research IntegrityICIQ researchers The objective of this interactive session is to sensitize participants to some key research integrity issues.Maruxa Martínez
Science communication coursePhD Students/PostdocsTo become familiar with the workings of science communication and public engagement.
To understand the idiosyncrasy of different communication formats and narratives, and to begin developing an independent practice.
Scientific WritingPhD StudentsLearn about different writing styles and the writing process, the structure, abstract and title of a paper, how to choose a journal, the peer review process and its variations. Cofactor
R&D Collaborations with Industry: Challenges and Opportunities in Business DevelopmentICIQ researchers ICIQ (KTT)
Building ResiliencePhD StudentsUnderstand what is resilience.  Familiarize yourself with concepts such as: burn out or impostor’s syndrome.  Familiarize yourself with cognitive distortions and thinking traps.Saó Dispute Resolution