Industrial Collaborations
 and Innovation

Transfer of knowledge and technology to the industrial sector is an integral part of the institute’s activities.

Globally, 11 research projects in collaboration within the industry were active in 2021, including the new AiCuries-ICIQ joint unit, a unique model of collaboration in an open innovation environment.

Projects with Industry

Research FieldType of companiesEarnings in 2021R&D ProjectsInternational Projects
Catalysis/Homogeneous Catalysis/SynthesisPharmaceutical, fine chemicals870.000 €33
Pharmaceutical Solid StatePharmaceutical, fine chemicals538.000 €31
Heterogeneous CatalysisMaterials, petrochemical91.000 €11

Evolution of revenues from industrial collaborations

As for 2021 highlights related to ICIQ’s Technology Development Units, Crysforma participated in online fairs and brokerage events such as CPhI and Open Innovation Forum (Biocat). Crysforma also carried out promotional activities related to Next Generation which have increased its client’s interest to participate in proposals for competitive funding.

During 2021 CSOL carried out 11 projects directed to further the development and valorization of technologies originated in ICIQ’s Research groups, with the objective of transferring these technologies to the industrial sector. The main areas were new catalysts and reagents and technologies related to polymerization. These valorization projects were possible thanks to funding received from Fundació Obra Social la Caixa. Moreover, CSOL carried out R&D projects funded by other entities: Comunitats de Tecnologies Emergents BASE3D (Generalitat de Catalunya and  FEDER) and an ERC-PoC project awarded to Prof. Melchiorre (European Research Council).

Established in 2020, Aicuris develops research projects in Medicinal Chemistry aimed at finding new potential antiviral and antibiotics. Its main task is to synthesise, purify and design new molecules with biological activity.


Regarding ICIQ’s protection of results, four new patents were presented as priority titles. In fact, we had 20 patents active in 2021 and 7 patent families were transferred to the industry. ICIQ’s patent portfolio can be reviewed here.


ICIQ’s second spin-off company, Treellum Technologies SL was created in 2020. Treellum Technologies is focused on the development and commercialization of photoreactors to ensure reproducible experiments.

ICIQ’s first spin-off company Orchestra Scientific, continued the development and construction of an economically affordable, modular and eco-friendly technology to separate CO2 from biogas and capture it from industrial emissions.