Prof. Miquel A. Pericàs


Group Leader:

Miquel A. Pericàs

Administrative Support:

Sorania Jiménez / Sara Garcia

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Parijat Borah / Mauro Fianchini / Leijie Zhou / Moreshwar B. Chaudhari / Marco M. Mastandrea / Mercedes Zurro de la Fuente


PhD Students:

Nicola Zanda / Adrian J. Brenes Rucinski

Laboratory Engineer:

Patricia Llanes

Master Student:

Stefania Perulli


The group of Prof. Pericàs participates in an extensive research programme aimed at developing a complete set of catalysts immobilized in polymers and magnetic nanoparticles with optimal characteristics in terms of catalytic activity, stereoselectivity and life cycle. The final objective is the development of continuous flow versions of the most relevant catalytic and enantioselective organic synthesis processes, contributing to a more sustainable practice of chemical synthesis. In addition, the group pays attention to the discovery of new catalytic processes with synthetic interest promoted by light.​


Heterogeneous Olefin Aziridination Reactions Catalyzed by Polymer-Bound Tris(triazolyl)methane Copper Complexes
Rodríguez, M. R.; Molina, F.; Etayo,P.; Pericàs,M. A.; Pérez,P. J.; Díaz-Requejo, M. M.
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20212021 (36), 3727-3730

Development of a robust immobilized organocatalyst for the redox-neutral mitsunobu reaction
Zhou, L.; Perulli, S.; Mastandrea, M. M.; Llanes, P.; Laia, J.; Pericàs, M. A.
Green Chem. 202123, 8859-8864

The dual effect of coordinating –NH groups and light in the electrochemical CO2 reduction with pyridylamino Co complexes
Lloret Fernández, S.; Cañellas, S.; Franco, F.; Luis, J. M.; Pericàs, M. A.; Lloret-Fillol, J.
ChemElectroChem 20218 (23), 4456-446


Photoredox Dual Catalysis: A Fertile Playground for the Discovery of New Reactivities
Mastandrea, M. M.; Pericàs, M. A.
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20212021 (34), 3421-3431

Assessing the Role of Site Isolation and Compartmentalization in Packed-Bed Flow Reactors for Processes Involving Wolf-and-Lamb Scenarios
Borah, P.; Fianchini, M.; Pericàs, M. A.
ACS Catal. 202111 (10), 6234–6242

Tricyclic Triazoles as σ 1 Receptor Antagonists for Treating Pain
Díaz, J. L.; Cuevas, F.; Oliva, A. I.; Font, D.; Sarmentero, M. A.; Álvarez-Bercedo, P.;López-Valbuena, J. M.; Pericàs, M. A.; Enrech, R.; Montero, A.; Yeste, S.; Vidal-Torres, A.; Álvarez, I.; Pérez, P.; Miguel Cendán, C.; Cobos, E. J.; Vela, J. M.; Almansa, C.
J Med Chem. 202164 (8), 5157-5170

Organocatalytic and Halide-Free Synthesis of Glycerol Carbonate under Continuous Flow
Zanda, N.; Sobolewska, A.; Alza, E.; Kleij, A. W.; Pericàs, M. A.
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 20219 (12), 4391–4397

Calcium carbonate as heterogeneous support for recyclable organocatalysts
Lizandara-Pueyo, C.; Fan, X, M.; Ayats, C.; Pericàs, M. A.
J. Catal. 2021393, 107-115

Shedding light on the nature of the catalytically active species in photocatalytic reactions using Bi2O3 semiconductor
Riente, P.; Fianchini, M.; Llanes, P.; Pericàs, M. A.; Noël, T.
Nat Commun 202112, 625


Tecnologías Químicas para la Valorización de Residuos Industriales en los Pirineos

Collaborative Projects | Ref: EFA308/19 Web page

Contributions to Catalysis towards Sustainable Chemical Production

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación | Ref: PID2019-109236RB-I00

Enabling Technologies and Drug Discovery: Continuous Flow Processes to Discover Novel Antiviral Inhibitors

MSCA ITN | Ref: 766058 Project Website

Grup de Recerca en Sistemes Catalítics Modulars

AGAUR | Ref: 2017SGR1139


Theses Supervised

Elena Detta
July 9th, 2021
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
“Target-based Design, Structural Optimization and Characterization of Novel Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly Modulators”

Justine Raymond
July 15th, 2021
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
“Harnessing Visible Light for the Development of Novel Synthetic Strategies”



Prof. Pericàs becomes member of the Academia Europaea