High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Unit

Unit Manager

Dr. Noemí Cabello

Unit Technician

Vanessa Martínez

Carly Chedotal



In 2021 the number of analysis increased compared to 2020 figures. We have to take into account that in 2020 the service started to be charged.

As shows the following chart, almost 77% of the analysis during 2021 were run using ESI as ionization method.

The ionization methods used, apart from ESI, can be seen in the chart below:

In 2021 the Mass Spectrometry Unit applied successfully at the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación with the project “Movilidad iónica y Espectrometría de Masas con fuentes de ionización ESI/MALDI: un escenario para afrontar nuevos retos” (EQC2021-007052-P). 861.803,41 € were granted for the purchase of a mass spectrometer.